Sandra Lopez-Naz at RISD Museum

Sandra's work is featured in the current RISD Museum exhibition:

From the Loom of a Goddess: Reverberations of Guatemalan Maya Weaving.  February 23 to August 19.

At the heart of Guatemalan Maya culture lies weaving, and for more than 2,000 years Maya women have created intricate textiles on backstrap looms. This exhibition celebrates Maya weaving with textiles and garments made before 1917 displayed alongside new works by Sandra Lopez-Naz (RISD BFA 2017, Textiles), videos from Michy Lopez and Lucas Baisch (MFA Playwriting Candidate, Brown University), and a wall painting by Maya Ortiz Saucedo (RISD BFA 2018, Apparel).

This exhibition celebrates the reverberations of Maya weaving in southern New England’s thriving Guatemalan-heritage community by showing a group of intricately woven textiles and garments made before 1917 and donated as a collection to the RISD Museum in 1982. Displayed alongside these historic pieces, new artwork by Providence native Sandra Lopez-Naz, a wall painting by Maya Ortiz, and videos commissioned from local artists Lucas Baisch and Michy Lopez show the continuing resonance of indigenous Maya culture in contemporary activism and artistic production.