WARP Repair Shop


RISD Museum Saturday and Sunday 1-4 pm, October 6 & 7


Join WARP collective for a experimental twist on the logic of repair. Repair- the prefix Re means ‘back’ or ‘again’; the pair comes from the Latin parare meaning ‘to make ready.’ Repair- 'to make ready again.' As one can observe in the objects in Repair and Design Futures, for something to be repaired it does not necessarily need to revert to its original state but can move forward into something new. The stitches, patches, and dedicated handwork develop new design elements. The act of repairing becomes a visible and meaningful part of the object, poetically transforming and guiding the piece into new artistic terrain.

WARP collective will expand on the terms by which something can be ‘made ready again.’ Damage and defects will be the point of entry for artistic interventions that will reorganize, confuse, enhance, and elevate. The textile vocabulary of repair will be exaggerated and extended into bizarre and playful iterations. Your participation in this project is encouraged- bring objects, garments and fabric pieces that desire to be made ready again!

Free with Museum admission. And free Museum admission on Sunday.